Men’s Life Group

This Men’s Life Group began a couple of years after Hurricane Katrina came through Long Beach. We were beginning to see our lives get back to some normalcy but it was an odd time. The church family began to get back to business as usual and we were no longer working together every day and eating together at the church building every evening as we had been doing for months. We began to miss the fellowship we had gotten used to.
Brian Case said let’s start a Men’s Group! We did and the rest is history. Week after week we gather in a home or the church building for a period of Bible study (Brian continues to lead/teach each week) that takes a lot of different shapes as the needs of those who are a part of the group come to the surface. Every Tuesday night 10 – 12 guys from 80+ – 16 years of age come together and we have been amazed how God has continued to bless the LBCoC Family in ways we never imagined.
If you ask anyone in the group, “Why has this group done so well for so long?” you will likely receive an answer something like this, “It’s a God thing!”
If you are a guy, 80 – 16 years of age and want to join this group of “misfits” as we try to grow in our relationship with God and one another, the door is open so grab your Bible, come on in and introduce yourself!
Schedule: We meet in houses or at the church building every Tuesday at 6:30 pm (check bulletin or Calendar section for location and meal arrangements)